Calling to Korea from Japan

Make calls to Korea from Japan on your mobile and telephone and save money. It's easy — just join to enjoy our low flat rates.

Rates for calls
from Japan
to Korea

Phone call¥3871%
Mobile call¥5963%

Rates for international calling from Japan to Korea are valid 24 hours / day. Join now to start saving with World Link - it's free and fast.

How to call to Korea
from Japan

The country code for Korea is 82. Here's how to make cheap calls from Japan to Korea when you register with us:

0063 + 82 + area code + phone number

0063 + 82 + mobile number

Mobile numbers and phone numbers (with area code) in South Korea begin with 0. You must omit this initial 0 for international calls to Korea from Japan.

Calls to Seoul
from Japan

To call Seoul (02) you enter:

0063 + 82 + 2 + phone number