Call to Malaysia from Japan

World Link offers low cost high quality calls from Japan to Malaysia. Whether it's your mobile phone, land line, office phone or fax, our low flat rates let you call Malaysia anytime and save money.

Rates for calls
to Malaysia
from Japan

Phone calls¥3882%
Mobile calls¥6967%

World Link discount phone service is an add-on calling service in Japan. No special equipment is required, and no phone cards — you just call. Start now by signing up for free!

How to call to Malaysia from Japan

The country code for Malaysia is 60. Here's how to call from Japan to Malaysia with World Link:

0063 + 60 + area code + phone number

0063 + 60 + mobile number

Omit the first 0 of area codes and mobile numbers.

Calls to Kuala Lumpur from Japan

To call from Japan to Kuala Lumpur (03) you enter:

0063 + 60 + 3 + phone number