Calls to Vietnam from Japan

Call anytime 24/7 from Japan to Vietnam using World Link and get our low flat rates. Call Vietnam on Japan mobiles, phones, at home and at work. It's easy and free to join!

Rates for calls
to Vietnam
from Japan

Phone calls¥8870%
Mobile calls¥10950%

Our low flat rates for calling to Vietnam from Japan are of course valid 24 hours / day. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. You pay for what you use, and nothing else. Join now and save!

How to call
to Vietnam
from Japan

Low cost calls from Japan to Vietnam are easy to make. Once you've registered with us, call like this using the Vietnam country code 84:

0063 + 84 + area code + phone number

0063 + 84 + mobile number

Don't enter the initial 0 of area codes or mobile numbers.

Calls to Vietnam
from Japan

To call Ho Chi Minh (028) you enter:

0063 + 84 + 28 + phone number