Why use our discount calling service in Japan?

World Link has been the discount phone service of choice for thousands of happy customers since we started in 1994. What makes us the best phone and mobile service in Japan? Here are a few good reasons.

Cheap phone calls

Cheap international calls at same low rates 24 hours/day. Call on your mobile phones in Japan, your telephone in Japan, call from your office, call from home — it's all good. Calling within Japan is cheaper too.

All Japan calling

Use World Link for international and local calls from mobiles in Japan and land line phones in Japan. Enjoy the convenience of having one company for all your calling needs. Call for less at home, at work, and all over Japan.

Japan mobiles

When you use World Link for cheap international calling from mobiles in Japan, and for calls within Japan, there is no charge from your mobile company for those calls. Pay only for your time on World Link at much lower rates! You can even change your mobile plan to save more.

High quality

Calls from Japan use dedicated fiber-optic lines for clear, dependable connections. Other companies use the internet with its inferior quality and security risks. Besides our technical advantage, we also offer excellent personal customer support, the fruit of our 20+ years of experience.

No prepayment

With World Link there's no need to buy phone cards or pay in advance. You are billed for your calls after you make those calls, not before. No more recharge hassles or runnning out of credit!

No hidden fees

With World Link you pay for your mobile and phone calls. There are no monthly fees, no registration fees, no hidden charges. The only fee is ¥90 for each invoice issued.