Spend less on calls:
Case studies

Read below for stories of people using World Link phone service in Japan to save money and make calling more convenient.

I can call anytime I want. I love it!

Alex Smith from California

Alex lives in Yokohama. He calls his family in the USA on the phone in his apartment, but only late at night because it's cheaper then. He has a Docomo mobile that he uses for calling in Japan. He knows that international calls on Docomo mobiles are quite expensive, so he buys phone cards or waits till he gets home to call to the USA on the cheaper land line. International calling is not convenient for him at all.

Alex registers for free with World Link. Now he calls his family any time he wants, always at the same rate. He calls on his mobile too because Docomo doesn't charge him for those calls. He no longer buys phone cards, and his phone bills are much lower.

My Softbank bills are way down. Thank you!

Saito and her mobile

Saito lives in Tokyo. She uses a Softbank mobile for all her phone calls. Her parents are in Osaka and her fiancé is in New York. Her monthly bill from Softbank is simply too much.

With World Link, Saito now pays less to call her parents in Osaka than she did with Softbank. She pays less when calling her fiancé in America too. She changes her Softbank mobile plan to the cheapest one and saves more money, because the more she uses World Link, the fewer Softbank minutes she needs.

We pay 75% less for calls. This is great for our business!

ABC Imports KK

ABC Imports is based in Tokyo with branches in Osaka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Their monthly phone bill is a major expense, especially for the mobile phones used by everyone away from the office. Because they make international calls during peak hours, they pay very high rates to KDDI and Docomo. They tried VOIP phone services but there were problems, and the mobile bills still went through Docomo.

ABC Imports registers all of their office phones and all of their mobiles with World Link. It costs nothing to register, so they only pay for what they use. Their monthly bills are down 75% and they're happy with the clear connections and reliable service. Best of all, World Link is as easy to use as KDDI, so there's no need to train employees, or to add apps to mobiles.

My parents can call me and not worry about the bill.

Noguchi in England

Hideki Noguchi, an engineer, has been transferred to London for two years. He will travel with his wife and young children. His parents in Kyushu want to keep in touch by phone, but they're worried about the cost and confused about the options and pricing of KDDI.

Hideki registers his parents' phone with World Link. He uses his own credit card so he can pay their phone bills. He shows them how to dial his UK mobile number. They can now call him whenever they want and Hideki knows he is saving money.

I make business calls anywhere, anytime, and don't pay Docomo.

Shimizu in Kobe

Shimizu owns a school in Kobe. He makes a lot of calls to Sydney, Australia to organise homestay programs. He often calls on his Docomo mobile also, so NTT and KDDI bills are big expenses for the business.

Shimizu registers his work phone and fax with World Link. His personal mobile and his home phone are also registered. The business phone expenses are down over 80%. When he calls from home or on his mobile he gets the same low rates, and it's billed to his business.

It's so easy - no more calling cards!

Doreen from Toronto

Doreen lives in Sapporo. Her best friend works in Tokyo, and her family is back home in Canada. Doreen likes to keep in touch with her friend in Tokyo by calling in the evenings after work, and she calls her parents every weekend. There is no land line telephone in her apartment, so she calls to Canada on her mobile and tries to keep the conversation short because of the cost. Calling her friend in Tokyo uses up her mobile minutes quickly too.

Doreen's monthly phone bill from Softbank is over ¥20,000. She tried using phone cards to save money, but didn't like paying in advance for phone calls. She even lost a card once. She also didn't like having to enter so many extra numbers just to to make a call.

Doreen signs up with World Link. She changes her Softbank calling plan to their cheapest one, and she uses World Link for all her phone calls. Her monthly bill never tops ¥10,000 now, and the bill is paid automatically by her credit card.