Calling within Japan

Calls in Japan get cheaper with World Link. Call on your home phone, office phone or mobile phone in Japan. It's so easy! Just use the 4-digit World Link prefix.

How to call in Japan

For locals calls in Japan, and long distance calling in Japan, do this:

0063 + area code + number

Calls to mobile phones in Japan are similar - just use the Japan mobile phone number. To call to a mobile in Japan do this:

0063 + mobile number

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Call land lines in Japan

To call a telephone in Osaka (06) using World Link discount calling service you enter:

0063 + 06 + phone number

Calling Japan mobiles

For a cheap call in Japan to a Japan mobile (090) you enter:

0063 + 090 + mobile number

Double Savings!

When you use World Link for calls in Japan on your mobile phone, you pay only our low rates. You pay nothing to your mobile company for those calls. What's more, World Link calls do not count towards other companies' usage limits.

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