Calls from Japan on mobiles

Make international calls on your mobile in Japan, or call anywhere within Japan. Use World Link discount calling service in Japan to make it simple and cheap.

How to call on mobiles in Japan

For cheap international calls from Japan on your mobile phone using World Link, do this instead of following the calling instructions that came with your mobile phone:

0063 + country code + area code + number

For local and long distance calls within Japan, enter numbers like this:

0063 + area code + number

Mobile phones in Japan don't have an area code, so do this to call to a Japan mobile:

0063 + mobile number

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International call to UK from Japan

To make an international call to London (020):

0063 + 44 + 20 + phone number

Call in Japan

To call to Osaka (06) enter:

0063 + 06 + phone number

Calls to Japan mobiles

To call a Japan mobile (090):

0063 + 090 + mobile number

Double Savings!

When you use World Link for calls in Japan on your mobile phone, you pay only our low rates. You pay nothing to your mobile company for those calls. What's more, World Link calls do not count towards other companies' usage limits.

So you benefit twice - once by saving money with low World Link mobile rates, and again by using less of your mobile company's expensive time. Save more by changing your mobile calling plan to a cheaper one!