World Link

Reliable, quality calls for less from Japan. Land lines and mobiles. International and domestic. Since 1994.

About us

World Link was founded in 1994 to provide customers in Japan with high quality discount international calling service. World Link is now a subsidiary of Nittel Inc. of Tokyo. We market discount calling service in Japan that uses the best networks of major carriers, with cheap international calling from Japan to over 230 countries, territories and networks. We also have discount phone service for calls within Japan.

World Link garnered international attention right from its beginnings. In 1995 World Link was featured on CNN Headline News, soon followed by CNN Asian Business News and CNN. Articles on World Link in the Japanese media include ones in The Japan Times, The Daily Yomiuri, The Kansai Times, Kansai Time Out, and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, among others.

World Link continues to go from strength to strength in its core market of Japan. Where many other discount telephone companies have entered the market only to quickly disappear, World Link remains successful because of high quality, low rates, and customer satisfaction.

World Link is not the type of company you would expect to take on Japan's powerful telephone companies? Think again!

...The largest [discount] service in the country.

Huge reductions off your international phone bill... along with superior quality connections.